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Top 10: Miss Moss

Miss Moss is one of my favorite blogs, written by the talented and innovative Diana. Elias discovered Miss Moss and told me to check it out because he knew I would love it. Diana is a designer with impeccable taste that shows up in the look, feel, and content of her blog. My favorite thing about Miss Moss is that the features are so original and new. I highly encourage you to go check out Miss Moss, you wont want to leave.

Here in her own words are 10 things she’s loving at the moment:

1. Good coffee. After wanting one for years I finally treated myself to an espresso machine. I can’t believe such a simple little thing could bring me so much joy. If I had to be stranded on a desert island all I would need is an espresso machine, coffee and milk – set for life! Photo by Brian Ferry.

2. Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Typography. These make me feel very lazy indeed. All hand rendered – obviously. Sometimes I wish I didn’t do all my work on computers.

3. Breakfast. I started this tumblr to encourage & inspire myself (and others) to actually eat breakfast. It’s not that I’m fussy about eating in the mornings (quite the contrary), I just don’t make time for it during the week. So instead of sleeping an extra half hour I’m going to try to eat something interesting every morning. This egg was made by my friend Jessica.

4. Waiting for winter. I am so ready for winter to start. Summer is basically unbearable where I live, from November through March we often hit temperatures of up to 40°C (over 100°F) and it only starts cooling down by around Easter.I cannot wait to wear jerseys, boots and scarves again. Drawing by Jen Collins.

5. September Industry. One of the few graphic design blogs I read where I love all the work featured. It makes me want to be a better designer.

6. Ruska ceramics. My mom recently gave me her entire Ruska by Arabia of Finland dinner service from the seventies. She bought one piece every month until she had a full set. I love them, they remind me of my childhood & eating ice cream from those brown bowls. Amazingly only one thing is chipped, a coffee cup that I now use every morning.

7. Hannibal Buress. I randomly caught an episode of Letterman on tv (weirdly enough, since I don’t watch Letterman or tv) and this guy did a short routine from his stand up comedy album My Name is Hannibal – it is hilarious. He’s also a writer for 30 Rock, which explains everything I guess.

8. The King of Limbs. I’ve pre-ordered Radiohead’s new album which is being released this weekend. The fact that they are selling it independently and not through itunes is awesome, since we can’t buy music through itunes in South Africa. I hate to admit this but I haven’t legally bought music in a long, long time (not since CD’s become redundant). If more of my favourite bands released their albums independently I would be throwing my money at them.

*NOTE: This album is now available, I hope Diana is enjoying it as much as we are!

9. Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation. I actually only got into Parks & Rec. quite recently but it’s already one of my favourite shows. It reminds me of The Office when it used to be funny. Ron Swanson’s voice, moustache, hair-do and woodworking skills makes me laugh so hard.

10. Rammstein. This might be a weird choice considering all the other things on the list, but I saw them perform in Cape Town recently and it was the best live show I have EVER seen. Think insane pyrotechnics, fireworks shooting over the crowd, an incredible light show and these crazy hardcore Germans carrying on like it’s their last night on earth. The only thing that would have made it better was if I could sprechen sie deutsch. If you want an idea of what it was like, watch this video.
PS: They are touring the states in May – go see them if you can!

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  1. Diana, thanks for sharing the 10 things you’re loving right now. I totally second “good coffee” + “breakfast”. Ha- and I love that you’re excited for winter…. I’m ready for summer!! (or at least spring…)

    theresa + elias: just saw your apartment on designsponge–how exciting!! you’ve truly done an amazing job!

  2. Haha Katie, you saw the D*S post before I even did! I wasnt sure if it would be up this Monday or next. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. Wonderful blog! The September Industry link doesn’t work… takes me to Seattle University…

  4. Thanks for the heads up Stefanie. It should be fixed now.

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