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Top 10: His & Hers

Our latest Top 10 is brought to us by the talented duo Dave and Whitney, from our sister city of Portland. I’ve had the pleasure of “getting to know” Whitney through her film photography on Flickr. Which by the way, you should really go check out.

Recently, I was delighted to discover that Dave and Whitney had started a blog – His & Hers. It is charming, lovely, and overflowing with the love of this fine couple. It’s always fun finding out that there are other people in the world who love all the same things you do, so without further ado, here are Dave and Whitney’s Top 10:

1. M83 – We loved M83’s last album, 2008’s Saturdays = Youth. (Have you ever listened to it while driving through a rain storm? If not, we suggest you try it if given the chance.) We are anxiously awaiting Anthony Gonzalez’s next album, due out later this year.

2. The Wire – The best show on TV. Ever. (Well, except for Firefly of course).

3. Snack night – One of our favorite no frills meals. Meat, cheese and bread. A glass of wine, a hunk of bread (We love Ken’s Artisan Country Brown), a chub of salami and a couple types of cheese – Parrano and Pierre Robert are our favorites – and you’ve got yourself a nice little spread. When we are feeling extra saucy we’ll sometimes even throw in some dolmas, olives, or an apple or pear. Whitney once called it “snacks” and we’ve been calling it “snack night” ever since.

4. Our Polaroid pillow – Flickr has given us the opportunity to make lots of great friends in various parts of the country. (We even met each other off the site in 2008). One of those friends is the lovely Jennifer Lebel , who made us this amazing Polaroid pillow as a housewarming gift. Did we emphasize she MADE this?! For US!?

5. Cherry blossoms – Our new apartment overlooks a park lined in cherry blossom trees, whose tree tops hover just below our windows. We are patiently waiting for them to bloom. (Whitney’s not very patient about them). =)

6. Dollar Theaters – Sometimes you don’t want to pay $35 for a night out at the movies. Thankfully, Portland has us covered with multiple second run film theaters where you can catch a movie a month or two after release. You can even get a slice of pizza and a beer or cocktail to go with it. All for around $8 a person! I know, right?!

7. The Kitchen Diaries by Nigel Slater – A decidedly non-traditional cookbook, Slater writes with a fluidity and personality that you don’t find in typical cookbooks. He tells a story and makes one think about the things that you put in your body. Based on a style of eating seasonal, he calls it, “Right food, right place, right time.” It is easily read cover to cover. (P.S. Try the Roast Chicken Wings with Lemon and Cracked Pepper on page 138. You’ll thank us later).

8. Ektar 100 film –This is our go to film for our 35 mm cameras. It’s remarkably versatile and works well in low light situations – like the perpetual grayness of the Pacific Northwest.

9. Major League Soccer in Portland – We both love soccer. Lucky for us, the Portland Timbers are making their MLS debut this year. Our apartment is a short six block walk from the stadium. The home opener is April 14th and we can’t wait to cheer for our team while wearing green and yellow. Now to brush up on our Timbers Army chants!

10. Portland Farmers’ Market – Whitney’s been skipping around the house for a week singing, “The market opens this Saturday! The MARKET!!” We can’t wait to fill our fridge with fresh, local produce.

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