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The Love Language

I first encountered The Love Language on a summer mixtape handed to me by my constant source of excellent music Jeremy. We put the mix on in our office and commenced with our daily work. Three-quarters of the way through the mix, my train of thought was hijacked by a fuzzy golden sound. At first I thought the track was from some undiscovered 50s band that had flown under my radar, but a quick Google search revealed that The Love Language was in fact a brand new band.

The song that so quickly overcame my senses was “Providence” from lead singer Stuart McLamb’s eponymous debut album, The Love Language. A few eMusic credits later I was the proud owner of a fine piece of lo-fi indie pop. I quickly discovered that McLamb has that rare gift: the ability to write incredibly catchy songs that don’t leave you feeling like you’ve overdosed on sugar after multiple listens. He balances this talent with a firm grasp on the art of crafting a heart-wrenchingly sad melody. The Love Language was released early 2009, so I was a little late to the game when I purchased it in late June 2010; imagine my delight when I discovered that a second album was due in July!

The Love Language’s second album Libraries is the antithesis of a sophomore slump. Where The Love Language relied a little too heavily on fuzzy recording to create ambiance, Libraries uses it more sparingly. If the first album was a bit disjointed, jerking awkwardly between uptempo toe-tappers and morose wailings, Libraries smooths out the ride perfectly. In summary, I won’t waste any more of your time trying to describe this fantastic band. Instead I will leave you with my favorite songs from each album, and a video to whet your appetite.

The song that started it all, from The Love Language:
MP3: Providence

My favorite song (so far) from Libraries:
MP3: Heart to Tell

Video: The Love Language – Blue Angel (HearYa Live Session) from Libraries:

If you’d like to hear some more music by the band check them out here:
Official Site

Go buy the new album. You won’t regret it.

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