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The Great Beyond

Theresa and I have been enjoying a gift from my brother Galen recently. It’s a book of satellite and telescope images of the universe as we know it, starting with the sun and working out through our solar system and on into the limits of human discovery. It’s been blowing my mind. The other day Theresa stumbled across these unbelievable high-resolution images taken by the Hubble Telescope. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to share with you here. But you can follow the link below for dozens more. All downloadable for free in high-resolution right here.

There’s something marvelously unsettling about pondering the vastness of space. Be it under a starry sky deep in the mountains, or in a glorious smattering of pixels on a computer screen. I get the same odd tingle in my spine when I think about the layers of human history or upon learning of a new discovery on the atomic level. The idea of the infinite unknowable places, spaces, and times is both awe inspiring and humbling.

If like me, you get a kick out of trying to wrap your mind around the unknowable, to wrestle with its vastness, and come away exhausted but delighted. If you enjoy knowing for a moment just how small we are, how transient our time here on earth, then I hope this post helps satiate that craving for a moment.

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  1. I could just stare and get lost in these forever…I have to make one my desktop. More reason to procrastinate! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary Jane

     /  January 29, 2012

    Wow! Our God is SO BIG! He must certainly be larger than anything we might be going through if He has put all these stars in place! Makes me realize how small my faith in Him is!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! They are so mesmerizing.

  4. Very nice pictures…! and blog …

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