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DIY: Studded Ballet Slippers

The idea of being a ballerina has appealed to me since I was in Kindergarten when Emily and I decided that was what we would be when we grew up. Not so much the sore feet and hours of training but the tutus and prancing about in little pink slippers is very tempting. Since I have never owned a tutu or even taken a ballet class, the Studded Ballet Slipper seemed like the perfect way to fulfill my dream of being a ballerina without looking like a 5 year old. I decided that instead of spending $50+ dollars on these I would see if I could make them myself for a lower cost and started looking for supplies.

I chose the Capezio Teknik Slipper in pink as they appear to be the same shoe that is used for the original Studded Ballet Slipper and since they say to order these in your street size, I didn’t have to guess on size*. I ordered the 1/2 inch Silver Pyramid studs from Studs and Spikes. The total cost for supplies came in at right about $30.00, almost half the price of the real thing!

Since the top-middle stud lines up with the bow on the slipper, that is the first one I did. I positioned the stud on the slipper where I wanted it to go and pressed it into the leather to leave an indentation as a guide for where I would cut slits to insert the stud.

With a sharp exacto knife I put small holes in the leather and through the fabric lining on the shoe in the places where my indentations were. Be careful only to insert the tip of your blade, even if the slit is not quite as big as the prongs on the stud, it is better that they be on the small side than on the large side. Once you start to insert the stud, the holes will stretch to fit the stud.

Next, I pushed the prongs of the stud into the slits I made with my exacto. By bending back the inside of the shoe I could see where the prongs had come through to the inside of the shoe. Taking a pair of pliers, I squeezed the two prongs together so they bent in towards each other. Since I could not get them to lay flat by using only this technique, I then inserted the pliers (any solid object will do) and pressed down on the top of the stud to make the prongs lay flat inside the shoe.

Following the triangle pattern I wanted to achieve, I continued to apply studs until both slippers were completed. This simple DIY took me about 30 minutes total, saved me money, and I ended up with a product that I think is just as good as what I could have bought, maybe even better since I did it myself! I might have to make a pair of black ones next…

*Note: When I got my slippers in the mail I thought they were too loose and I would have to return then for a different size. Then I realized that the cute little bow is an elastic drawstring. If you think you slippers are oddly baggy, just tighten up the strings and they will fit around your foot much better!