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Shackleton’s Antarctica

While perusing the interwebs this morning I stumbled across this post containing a series of color images from Shackleton’s famous ‘Endurance’ Antarctica trip. The photos blew my mind. Frank Hurley’s artistic vision of this harrowing journey is breathtaking. I’ve selected a handful of my favorites below, but hop on over to the original post for more.

This kind of stuff only serves to confirm my belief that I missed my calling. I should have been a National Geographic photographer. I can’t think of anything better than traveling to the ends of the earth, camera in hand.

For more information on Frank Hurley check out these links:
Frank Hurley Wikipedia Page

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2 Responses

  1. That was always my dream as a kid, to be a photographer for NGM. A while back a good friend of mine dated one, and I got jealous all over again. At some point they just need to invent something that will let us take pictures through what we see, so we’re never stuck with the tragedy of not having our cameras on hand.

  2. That’s funny Rachell. I’ve thought about the same kind of technology. Eye cameras essentially. I’m sure they’ll figure it out someday. In the meantime I’ll just keep my backpack filled with cameras. :)

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