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NY Fashion Week: Backdoor

I am sure that many of you have seen at least a few photos of NY fashion week. The models are beautiful and the clothes are breathtaking however I find most of the images to be rather mechanical. We get a similar glare from each model as she struts towards us in a narrow, face-on photo.

Elias first showed me these Cinemagraphs by the extrememly talented Jamie Beck and I was blown away by the beauty and surreal feel of these subtly moving photographs.

I took a look at her tumblr From Me To You and got to see a whole new side of fashion week. Jamie takes us through the back door to see the process and preparation of the show. She gives the models a personality and lets us connect with them as they listen to headphones, read a book, or laugh.

Please don’t miss out on this intimate look at the back stage of NY fashion week. The photos are gorgeous, you won’t be able to take your eyes away.

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  1. I’ve admired her stuff for a while. It’s amazing what she can convey in a simple animated gif.

  2. Fantastic post! That last photo is amazing.

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