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We are sorry for our lack of posts lately, we have been so busy. With what, I really don’t remember… I suppose thats just life.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Oregon coast for a long weekend and a much needed break. At least once a year we go to the same place in Lincoln City with my family. It is so familiar to us that it feels very much like going home. It is the kind of place where no matter how many times we go, it will never get old. We will go to Hawk Creek Cafe in Neskowin for our favorite breakfast, we will hike around the point to search for agates, we will go to the sand dunes in Pacific City, and we will make a stop at Roberts Bookshop in Lincoln City, and of course catch a movie at the Bijou.

It will be perfect. We will bring you pictures.

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6 Responses

  1. those pictures are beautiful! and your trip sounds perfect. have fun and enjoy the break! :)

  2. don’t be sorry! enjoy life. and eachother! :)

    have a great trip!


  3. Eden

     /  April 8, 2011

    Cascade Head! I spent every summer as a kid at Camp Westwind nearby. Thanks for the nostalgic moment. Hope you have a nice time…

  4. very cool photos! have a great trip

    j via

  5. oh how wonderful! hope you’re having a lovely time. yeah… that sounds like such a perfect getaway!

  6. Maybe a little blog love will inspire you to keep up the bloggin’? Come check out our shout-out to you @ Happy Monday!

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