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Holy moly, me-oh-my, you’re the apple of my eye

Happy Valentines Day to all of you! I know many of you think that valentines day is just a ploy to sell cards, chocolate, and overpriced roses but I hope to change your mind… I believe that Valentines day is an opportunity to show the people you love, and those that love you back, how much they mean to you.

My family has a tradition of making handmade valentine gifts (examples here). We look forward to Valentines day every year, planning our projects for each other long in advance. These gifts mean so much more than roses or chocolates.

This year Andrea had the brilliant idea of having one of Elias’ photos from the trip to New York we took together in the fall, printed on fabric to make a pillow for our parents. We used Spoonflower to upload our photo and have a piece of custom fabric printed.

We were so happy with the outcome. You cant see it very well in the photo but we used a piece of bright pink silk on the back of the pillow so it would be like a little valentine surprise.

I hope you all have someone wonderful in your lives to love today, family, friends, significant others. In the words of Joseph, I hope everyone at least gets a hug.

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