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Pleated Skirts


It has been unseasonably warm in Priest River this year and I am looking forward to breaking out the spring clothes. I am especially loving pleated skirts this year and will be keeping an eye out at the thrift store for interesting colors and patterns. I might even try my hand at making one assuming mom is up for answering a few sewing questions!

Its intimidating to take a fashion risk in a small town and though I don’t consider a pleated skirt a fashion risk, it is hard to muster up the motivation to wear something other than a pair of jeans when your big outing for the day is a trip to the grocery store. I suppose this post is somewhat of a challenge to myself to go ahead and wear a pleated skirt to pick up a carton of milk. Someone has to do it.

Thrift Style: Holiday


With all of the parties and get-togethers that happen around this time of year I thought it could be helpful to show that you don’t need to spend a million bucks to look great this holiday season. With a few exceptions, most of the items in this post have been thrifted. Shoes and accessories are exceptions for the most part but in each outfit, at least the shining star was a thrifted piece.

I have included prices on the thrifted items but it is fair to mention that some of these prices are estimates as it has been years since I purchased them. However, I am confident that my memory is within a few dollars of the price I actually paid.

This post was so much fun to style and shoot with Elias. In the end I found that the perfect holiday outfit is great, but what you REALLY need is a good tube of red lipstick (Mine is MAC – Ruby Woo)! I hope you enjoy and get out there to find an amazing deal for yourself!

Blue Skirt $5: Purchased years ago at Bellevue LifeSpring Thrift Shop. I hemmed it up as it was below the knee when I bought it, making it the perfect little party skirt.

Styled with a silk tank purchased for $19 from the Nordstrom Rack and Irregular Choice heels from the sale section at Anthropologie.

Outfit Total:
$24 without shoes, under $100 with shoes.

Blue skirt also styled here.


DIY Fur Collar $5: This outfit is almost entirely thrifted but the star of the show is the fur collar. A few years ago I did a DIY adding a ribbon to the fur collar I found at a thrift store (find the DIY here). This collar can be added to almost anything for an instant outfit upgrade!

The Pendleton denim shirt was purchased at Crossroads Trading Co. in Silver Lake for $15 and the skirt was another below the knee length find from Bellevue LifeSpring Thrift Shop for $5 that I hemmed. The shoes are from Target and the tights are Jcrew Factory.

Outfit Total: $25 without shoes, right about $50 with shoes and tights.


Buffalo Plaid Flannel $1: The Flannel was a real steal of a deal, but my favorite part of this outfit is actually the boots. The last time I was in New York, we stopped into the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea where I found these brand new Frye Boots for $99. I couldn’t find an exact match to these boots but after a quick comparison I would say that they were originally $300 to $500. The best part (aside from the awesome reptile texture) was the sticker on the sole of one boot that said “Vogue Closet”. They may have never actually been pulled for a photo shoot but it’s fun to think that they lived at Vogue before I took them home.

The rest of the outfit is also thrifted. The jeans were $5, again from Bellevue Lifespring, and the sweater was $6 form Value Village in Ballard, Seattle.

Outfit Total: $13 without boots boots, $113 with boots.


Floral Tank $3: The floral tank is Nicole Miller and you cannot tell from the photo but it is actually a lightweight silk sweater material. I was thrilled to find such a great deal at Goodwill in the U-District, Seattle. The skirt was around $4 from Value Village in Ballard. Skirts similar to this are a dime a dozen, I also have one in Navy Blue. The heels were purchased full price several years ago, a perfect style by Sechelles.

Outfit Total: $7 without shoes, right about $107 with shoes.


Red Blouse $1: As with the Buffalo Plaid above, this blouse was found at God’s Provision Thrift Shop (that name always cracks me up!) in Priest River, Idaho. The black jeans were also a thrift find, $6 from St. Vincent De Paul here in Long Beach. The leopard flats are old Zara, purchased on Sale for $29.

Outfit Total: $7 without shoes, $35 with shoes.


Green Dress $1:
God’s Provision wins again! This dress was actually less than a dollar since they were having a bag sale and you could purchase a grocery bag full for $1, so we are talking small change on this one. The beautiful plaid scarf is borrowed from my sister (a piece of wool with finished edges courtesy of Mom), the tights are from Gap, and the boots (Madewell) were a gift.

Outfit Total:
About $10, minus the boots and scarf.


Leather Skirt $12: This outfit is a bit of a stretch on the festive front but if you are going for an understated nod to red this works, and I just love the leather skirt. Purchased for $12 at Value Village in Ballard, it was the find of the year when I picked this up.

The necklace kind of steals the show here, I found it at a flea market in New york for $25. It is one of my favorites. The tank is H&M, and the heels are Target.

Outfit Total: Around $45 without shoes, around $75 total.

Leather skirt also styled here.


Red Cardigan $6: There is nothing really special about this outfit except that it is entirely thrifted, and it seems like a good choice for game night with friends. The cardigan is from the Ballard Value Village, the jeans were $5 from Bellevue LifeSpring (seen above), and the flannel was around  $5 from the Goodwill on Capitol Hill (seattle).

The flats were thrown into the same $1 bag as the green dress from God’s Provision, so again we are talking small change.

Outfit Total:
Under $20, shoes and all.


Black Dress $15: I got this dress in Seattle at a vintage shop called Red Light. It fit great but had a pretty significant tear up the slit that I was certain I could repair. Only about two years later I finally fixed the slit and it is good as new!

The gold shoes are the same style as the Seychelles seen above purchased on clearance at DSW for $15, I handmade the necklace myself.

Outfit Total: $30, shoes and all.


Lace Tee $2: This shirt is HUGE (found at Value Village, Ballard)! I’m really not even sure why I tried it on or why I was even in that section… But one thing I have learned about thrift shopping is that you cant be afraid to try something on. If it has a good texture, a fun color, interesting trim, its worth trying on. Sometimes it looks just as bad on the body as it does on the hanger but I have been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion.

The jeans are old J.Crew and the heels are Target.

Outfit Total: Under $100


Red Dress $4: This dress is a great example of something that is scary on the hanger but completely lovely on the body. It fell past the knee when I purchased it but a quick hem made all the difference. What you can’t see here is the open back, which is amazing. This is one of my favorite thrift purchases, I have worn it over and over.

Again, the shoes are from Target (clearly I really like these suede shoes. They are so comfortable!).

Outfit Total: Right about $35.

Red dress also styled here.

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List

Fall is officially here and every once in a while the temperature dips below 75 degrees in Southern California. A cool breeze blows across bare arms making us wish we had brought a sweater. Occasionally we wake up on a cloudy morning and pull on a pair of jeans knowing that we may regret the decision when the clouds burn off around 11am. We almost decide to cut out the mid-day wardrobe change and start the day in shorts but then again, how can we pass up the opportunity to cover our legs, even if just for a few hours? We can finally enjoy a full cup of hot coffee in the morning without pulling off our clothes and switching to iced coffee mid-cup. Its really starting to feel like fall here!

These are a few of the things that I wish I was wearing right now. A few of them are in my closet currently (or similar versions) just waiting for their moment to shine. As the temperature drops, the anticipation builds. Maybe, just maybe,  I will need a lightweight jacket today.

Men’s Nike SweatshirtBaggu Pouch Utility JacketMidi SkirtOversize ScarfDistressed Black JeansBlack FlatsFjalraven Backpack Statement NecklaceMen’s Flannel ShirtAdidas Sambas

Palm Leaves


I have been noticing palm leaves everywhere lately; clothing, design, photography, wallpaper, even tattoos. The Hawaiian shirt has made a comeback with a nice re-brand. Perhaps it has a bit to do with living in an area that has palm trees, but I am loving the trend. So much that I picked up my own pair of palm shorts.

What do you think, will you put palm leaves on your walls, your clothing, your skin?

Photo sources Left to Right, top to bottom:
Modern HepburnNeed Supply Co.The AestateWit & Delightde GournayStudded HeartsBeth JonesThe Design FilesZARAErnests

Thrift Style: Jackets, Take Two


As promised in my last Thrift Style post, here are a few more jackets I have picked up through the years. We took these photos when we were at my parents house for Christmas a few weeks ago. It hadn’t snowed the entire week of our visit until our last full day. Elias was kind enough to drop what he was doing and come outside with me to capture a bit of the winter wonderland.

I got this jacket at the Ballard Value Village while I was shopping with my friend, Anna. She was the one who spotted it and lucky for me, passed it my way. Not only is it real leather, it still had the original tag from the Gap intact!








DOWN VEST: $5.00
This vest was purchased at a community yard sale on Capitol hill several summers ago. It has real down fill and a great vintage look that many new vests are trying to pull off, only this one doesn’t have to pretend. This has been a staple on many hikes and camping trips, it even doubled as a pillow on last summer’s backpacking trip. I would say that was $5 well spent.








I found this coat at a great consignment shop on Greenwood called Labels almost ten years ago. There is nothing really valuable about the coat; it is not wool, it is not a recognizable name brand, and I would guess that it was fairly affordable when it was purchased new. However, there is just something about the color that goes with everything. When I bought it I swapped out all of the buttons for these brass ones which added a little something to it as well.








I just couldn’t leave out this photo with my dad’s dog, Amos. He has a pretty sweet coat too, he wears it all the time…


Thrift Style: Jackets


Its jacket time in the Pacific Northwest and if there is one thing I love, its a new jacket. I have quite a collection of jackets and coats, some old, some new. Since my birthday is in late September, often my birthday money goes towards a new coat for Fall. One good thing about my coat collection is that many of them were purchased second-hand for a steal.

Even though I think a good coat is an investment that you can use for years to come, I wanted to show you that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good Fall/Winter coat! Many of these are jackets I have stumbled upon when I was not particularly looking for a coat. Keep your eyes peeled at thrift and consignment shops. You may not find exactly what you are looking for on your first stop but if you are patient, you just might score a winner.


If any of my second-hand jackets have a story, I think this leather vest might take the cake. This little gem was found at God’s Provision Thrift Shop (no, I could not make that up) in Priest River, ID. I snapped it up without a price tag and when I went to the counter the sweet little old lady that checked out my purchase was somewhat apologetic for charging me $4. It wasn’t until I got it home and started to clean it up a bit that I thought about the man that likely wore this motorcycle vest and how, when, and where it was worn. Sometimes it is best not to over think these things and just go ahead and wear it anyways.








I purchased this trench coat at the Buffalo Exchange on University Avenue, in Seattle, several years ago for $35. Although I wish I could say I got it for $10 or $15, I think I still got a great deal for a Banana Republic trench coat. It has gotten a ton of use and is wearable year around for the most part.








This Army jacket was purchased for $5 at the Panhandle Animal Shelter Thrift Shop in Sandpoint, ID. It’s a legitimate Army jacket so it is a little boxy and doesn’t have the nice shape you would get out of a Gap/Jcrew/Madewell Army jacket. But I would imagine this one had a more exciting life than one of those wannabe Army jackets, it just might hold up better as well.









Now get out there and find yourself a new Fall coat. If you see something with good material or print but looks like an odd fit on the hanger or perhaps its a little out there for your style, try it on! You might be surprised. I have a few more thrifted jackets to show you, so stay tuned in the next month or so.

My changing room and photographer captured below. Thanks to Elias for the photos.


The Everlane T-shirt


We discovered Everlane early last fall. They lured us in with their t-shirts, claiming to sell $50 t-shirts for $15. Of course both of us had to try one because if you purchase more than one item shipping is free, duh. Multiple t-shirts later, I think its safe to say we are hooked. Though the t-shirt is the most justifiable purchase, I can also vouch for the silk shirt as I received one from my Mom for Christmas and it also is a dream.

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, basically they have the ability to sell high quality items for low prices by cutting out the middle-man. Located in Los Angeles, Every piece is created in-house. The selection is limited allowing them to focus on great design and not worry about over stock.

Believe us when we say these will quickly become your favorite t-shirt, the cut is perfect and they are oh-so-soft. Now don’t delay, go get yourself a new tshirt! Or two because, you know, the free shipping. Duh.








Emmadime’s Lovely Lady Feature: Photos and Outtakes

Lovely Lady Emma Dime Photo

close up detail shot of necklaces and vintage lion belt

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being featured as a “Lovely Lady” on the blog, Emmadime. Not only is Emma’s blog beautiful and completely inspiring, but the collection of Lovely Ladies that have been featured is impressive, I am honored to have been grouped in with such good company.

Last Saturday Elias and I set out to get some photos for the feature, hoping to catch some of the morning fog that had been hovering around Seattle. It has been very cold lately so we bundled up, packed our backpacks full of clothing and cameras, and headed out to Greenlake.

I did a quick change on the dock, pulling my skirt on over my jeans, switching out my shoes, and shedding my down jacket. The fog treated us well giving us perfect lighting and background, and the geese were cordial. We had so much fun with this shoot and are quite pleased with the outcome. Hope you enjoy them as well!

Link: The Original Emmadime Feature

closeup headshot of Theresa focus on golden earrings

Theresa preparing for her photoshoot wearing a puffy down coat

Theresa standing with her hands on hips

Anthropologie shoes

Zara tutu detail with swan in background

DIY: Holiday Fur Collar


Are you ready for Christmas? If your gifts are wrapped, tree is lit, cider is on the stove, and you are just sitting around waiting for Christmas, I have just the project for you. However, if your house doesn’t look like a Norman Rockwell yet, this would be a great activity to save for next week if you have some time off between Christmas and New Years.

I recently acquired two vintage, fur collars. One was purchased at a thrift store for $5.00, the other was a gift from my Mom that she found at a yard sale. Both collars are very similar shades of brown so I had been looking for some way to distinguish one from the other. Inspired by a fur collar at Anthropologie, I thought how easy it would be to add a bow for the perfect holiday accessory.


You will only need a few supplies for this project. If you have a fur collar lying around that is just perfect but for the rest of you who may not collect such things, just keep your eyes open at thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales. Think creatively, you may be able to find a good deal on a coat that has a detachable collar. This doesn’t have to be real fur either, I know some may prefer the faux variety.

You will also need a pretty ribbon, thread to match, a needle and a good pair of scissors. I chose this beautiful, velvety ribbon for its color. I intended to find something a bit wider for a larger bow but I just couldn’t pass up this rich golden yellow.

I started with 2 yards of ribbon to be safe as I did not know how large of a bow I would want. In the end, after sewing and trimming, I ended up with roughly a 22 inch ribbon on both ends of the collar.


The first thing I did was singe the end of the ribbon I was sewing to my collar. This is not a necessary step but this will keep the ribbon from fraying as you wear it.


Next I prepared to stitch the ribbon onto the collar by folding the end of the ribbon so it was covered by the length as seen in the photo above. If your ribbon has a front and back, be sure that once the ribbon is attached, it is the front that is facing out. You can pin this if you want to hold it in place while you stitch.


To secure the ribbon to the collar I did sort of an un-official overcast stitch on the folded edge, through the backing of the collar. Be careful never to push your needle all the way through to the fur on the other side. I used doubled thread for added strength but this may be overkill.



You can see above how it looked after the first row of stitching.


Next I did a running stitch just below the singed end that we are trying to hide. This will keep that little guy from showing and give the attached ribbon a more finished look.


Now repeat all steps on the other side of your collar, almost finished!


To finish the ends of my ribbon, I trimmed the ribbon at a diagonal and again, singed the ends. You can see there is a little dark line from the flame on the ends of the ribbons, I don’t mind this but if you prefer you can fold the end and stitch for a finished look and to keep the ends from fraying.


I wanted to style the finished product with a couple of different outfits to show the versatility. I love the idea of wearing this with a t-shirt and jeans for a shopping trip or a dinner out. This would be a great way to dress up your Christmas day outfit with the family.



I also paired it with a sweater and pencil skirt, this would be a great addition for your office Christmas party, especially if you work at an advertising agency, am I right Mad Men fans?


Lastly, though I didn’t put on a party dress for you, I think this would be perfect for new years. Throw it on over your party dress and you will be the classiest girl at the party.

Thrift Style

I am excited to introduce a new feature on the blog called Thrift Style. Friends and family of mine know that when they compliment a piece of clothing I am wearing, often the first thing I will tell them is how much I paid for it. I love a good deal and some of the best can be found by dedicating time to your local thrift store.

I am not sure exactly how this feature will take shape but I am thinking I will simply share my newest deals with you as I find them. Let me know if you have any ideas of how you would like to see this feature grow.

To kick it off, I thought I would share several of my favorite thrift finds. These have been collected through the years so the price of the piece is not exact but they are close, if not accurate estimates of what I paid.

Red Sweater: I got this sweater at “God’s Provision” thrift store in Priest River, ID for one dollar! I tend to gravitate towards clothing that is a little out there, those items that are a little scary on the hanger but if you take the time to try them on they have real potential!

Equipment Blouse: This is one of my best finds and one of the reasons I love thrifting so much. This Equipment blouse is worth $200 + new, but I got it for $19! I found it Snohomish, WA at a little gift shop that had a section of used clothing. I was shocked find it in perfect condition for such a great buy.

Red Dress: This is probably the thrifted item that I have gotten the most use out of. I purchased it for under $5 at Value Village in Ballard – Seattle, WA. I replaced the buttons in the back and hemmed it up to a more modern length and it is my favorite go-to for summer weddings.

Blue Skirt: Believe it or not, this was purchased at a thrift store located inside of Bellevue Square mall. I may be the only person that ever shopped in that little store… Again, this was right about $5 and I hemmed it up to a length I could wear to a party or dressed down with a tshirt on the weekend.

Leather Skirt: I was so thrilled when I found this leather skirt for only $12 at Goodwill in Ballard. I had wanted a leather skirt but definitely didn’t want to pay the price for a new one. The flannel shirt was also thrifted from Value Villiage on Capitol Hill.

Sequin Jacket: I found this jacket at Goodwill in Ballard for roughly $15. I don’t wear this one often but it is still one of my favorites thrown over jeans and a tshirt.

I hope you enjoy this series, stay tuned for thrifted coats up next!